Nordic webinar program: Citrix App Layering (former unidesk)
Sep 14 2017

Sep 14, 2017

Nordic webinar program: Citrix App Layering (former unidesk)

Learn about the Citrix app layering technology, layering technology that dramatically simplifies application and OS management for organizations of all sizes.


  • Layers all of Windows—apps, OS and user profiles
  • Achieves app compatibility greater than 99.5%
  • Enables packaging apps once for on-demand (elastic) or base image delivery
  • Offers app and OS sharing across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments
  • Eliminates golden images and ‘image sprawl’
  • Supports on-demand app delivery for both VDI and XenApp

On the webinar we will walk you through the product, the different models of implementations, design concerns and last but not least, hands on with the product.

The webinar is targeted towards technical decision makers, it system owners and administrators.

Speaker: Henrik Poulsen, Systems engineer, Citrix Systems