Move store systems to the cloud

Decrease operating costs and seamlessly manage your IT environment on any cloud infrastructure.

Streamline the management of your retail IT environment

Cloud technology brings together crucial dimensions in the retail landscape: people, process, and (often disparate) technology. From faster speed-to-market, to easy seamless collaboration, to decreased CapEx and OpEx costs, cloud technology delivers significant benefits for retailers. Managing services with cloud solutions allows for quick deployment of new environments. Promotions, special offers and seasonal peaks are easily accommodated. Citrix Cloud Services enable IT leaders to simplify the procurement process, facilitating just-in-time stocking and seamless inventory tracking.

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Improve performance of people and processes

Done strategically and with clear governance, moving store systems to the cloud enables retailers to monitor and improve the performance of people and processes. By moving to the cloud using Citrix Cloud Services, organizational silos can be broken down and outdated legacy or proprietary retail applications can be integrated and made available to everyone. Key functions such as inventory, shipping and point of sale (POS) can be viewed from a single lens through one platform. The benefits are twofold: leaders get a more cohesive view of the business and associates can access the customer information they need more quickly and efficiently. Process flow improves, and—because key information about customers and their transaction patterns is more readily available—customer service becomes measurably better.

Manage disparate technology

Citrix Cloud services enable retailers to integrate crucial business-critical systems. Legacy systems, proprietary retail applications, and other business-critical systems now can be integrated for easier access, wider use, and simplified upgrading. 

Citrix is changing the way we look at managing our IT infrastructure and opening new doors for our confectionary business.
Basant Chaturvedi
Perfetti Van Melle, India

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